Having Heart/Showing Heart

  Hand formed/crafted wall sculptured hearts go thru a process in & of the same until the shape is perfected. Then one by one, the theme is executed. Each of these sculptured hearts is unique; taking over 40hrs (atleast) to complete. They Vary in size (large/Small) & weight.

These Sculptures are created; not casted nor are they blanks bought, using (air dried) polymer emulsion & plaster, unless noted otherwise.  After shaping each painted by hand or spray can or airbrush. And then finally coated for protection.

This body of work is ongoing since 2013.

*All hearts are small unless indicated in description: Large Heart.  Large hearts' price incl. Handcrafted Box.

* Please note:... if you're considering commissioning a piece, due to the labor involved, my turn over time is 8-10 weeks. Please contact me (email) if you have ANY inquiries/questions.

* If interested in purchasing one of my available hearts shown here, send an email w/ the subject: "purchase your heart".

Email: Marcanthonyl@mac.com

You can follow my work on Instagram or Facebook : MarcanthonyL